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Cimaware Software Releases Next Generation Office Repair Software: Officefix 5.0

The Company Unveils New Corporate Image

MADRID, Spain, January 31st, 2008 -- Cimaware Software ( www.cimaware.com ) announced today the release of the sixth generation of its Microsoft Access, Excel, Word and Outlook repair Suite, Officefix 6.0.
"We continuously improve our programs and our web site in order to provide easy and fast solutions to the problem of data loss" said David Cimadevilla, Cimaware CEO.

Founded in 1985, Spain-based Cimaware Software has oriented its efforts towards the Microsoft Office recovery market since 1998. The organization has been successful in helping companies recover their valuable data in a number of industries. Some of their customers around the globe include Microsoft, Sony Pictures, General Motors, and Continental Airlines.

Cimaware Software continues to grow creating new Software applications in a variety of fields. Future projects include an Outlook recovery program, back-up utilities, and Web Site applications. For more information visit: http://www.cimaware.com .


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